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How Is Voucherjet Helping Me?

Sending out a unique coupon or voucher code to your customers is a great thing - it lets you easily limit and track your codes per customer.
But on the other side is lot of work if you want to do it all by hand or with a complicated Zappier setup.

VoucherJet will deliver your codes automatically by integrating in your existing tools and protect your codes against fraud.

Ways to Distribute Codes

Chat Bot Codes

Send a broadcast with a unique voucher code to your audience

Are you launching a new product or want to generate some sales? Send a product link together with a discount code to your audience.

Set up keyword like SALE and reply with personal code

Keep your audience engaged. Ask them to send in a keyword and reply with a special offer coupon code along with some product information.


Code Email

Send an email with a code to new subscribers on your email list

Start of your customer relationship with a little gift. Surprise new subscribers with a discount code in their inbox..

Add a pop-up to your website and distribute codes via email

Offering a discount on your website is a great way to capture email addresses and start a relationship with your new customer.


Code Link

Distribute coupon codes to your customers by a simple click on a link

Shared a link with your customers. Once the customer clicks on the link the coupon code will be shown directly in the browser window.


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