How to Create a Amazon Landing Page to Distribute Unique Coupon Codes?


Before you start there are some things you need:

  • A product that you have listed on Amazon
  • A VoucherJet Account that will create a host your landing page
  • The list of unique Amazon voucher codes to be send out or show in the browser


In this document we will show you how to distribute unique coupon codes using a landing page.
The landing pages will be hosted by AMZLEAD, a service specially designed for Amazon sellers and is now part of VoucherJet. There is no additional account necessary.
Depending on the configuration you choose the visitor will receive the discount code via email or it can be shown directly in the browser window.

To get the integration running the following steps are necessary:

  1. Create a new Configuration.
  2. Upload your voucher codes into the Code List.
  3. Create a AMZLEAD Landing Page.
  4. Customize the landing page using the Layout Editor.
  5. Testing and customizing the voucher Code Email or Code Page

Create a new Configuration

Navigate to the "Configurations" page and click on the "Create Configuration" button on the to right hand side of the screen.

Select the "AMZLEAD" configuration template and enter a name your would like to use. This name will be only used as a description in your account and is not visible to the customer.
You also have to pick the Amazon marketplace listing your product e.g. if your product is on "" you need to select "US".

Depending on you use case you can choose between two types of "AMZLEAD" configurations:

  • Code Mail: Customers will get an email containing the voucher code.
  • Code Page: Customers will get their voucher code directly in the browser window.

create configuration

Upload your voucher codes into the Code List

The Code List is the source of the unique codes for the Configuration.

To upload new codes or edit the list click on "Code Upload" in the "Code List" section. Scroll to the bottom of the window down to the big text input field. Use this text field to paste your codes and upload them into the list. You can also upload a text file containing the codes.

Please only add one code per line and a max. of 500 codes per upload.

create configuration

Create a AMZLEAD Landing Page

1) Configure you sub domain

Every VoucherJet account, like your account, will run its landing pages under a configured Sub Domain and each landing page will have a unique Path identifying your page. Examples:

As you can see the Sub Domain (the part before '') is the same for all your pages, only the Path (the part in the end) will be unique.

If you set up your first AMZLEAD landing page you will be asked to configure the Sub Domain in the Settings > Account section. You might also be asked to fill in other additional data.
Because the Sub Domain must be unique across all VoucherJet customers some domains might already be taken and you have to play around a bit.
The Path will be created automatically later on.

create sub domain

Once you have configured everything navigate back to your Configuration and continue with step 2).

2) Create the page

Whether you picked the Code Mail or the Code Page option, in both cases you need to create the page by providing the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of your product.
We will use it to automatically grab all the product data and images from Amazon and create the initial page you can customize afterwards.

Click on the "Create new Page" button to start.

create page

Now enter the ASIN and click "Create Page from ASIN". It will take some seconds until the data is fetched from Amazon. In case of an error (e.g. unknown ASIN) please follow the instructions in the error message.

create page

3) Edit the page

After data has been successfully fetched from Amazon you will see the three additional tabs that will allow you to customize the page:

  • Page Settings: Configure title and other basic information or add a tracking script.
  • Page Layout: Change the layout of the AMZLEAD landing page.
  • Form Settings: Configure the Voucher Pop-Up on the AMZLEAD landing page (only for Code Page).

create page

Customize the landing page using the Layout Editor

The Page Layout tab will lead you to the Layout Editor. Just click "Open Page Editor" and a new window will open.
Inside the editor you can change images, text and even add new modules to the page
If you are skilled in HTML you can also edit the plain HTML of the page.

layout editor page

Testing the AMZLEAD landing page

Before testing you should activate the Configuration by clicking "Activate" at the top of the configuration edit page.

You can test by clicking the "Open Preview" button which will open the page in a new browser window.
This page is already fully functional and depending on you configuration you can test the code delivery:

  • Code Mail: Click on the call to action button, submit the form.
    Then check if the contact was added to your VoucherJet Code List. You should also receive the email including the voucher code.
  • Code Page: Click on the call to action and get you voucher code directly in the browser window.
    Then check if code is marked as used in your VoucherJet Code List.

If the code is marked as delivered in the Code List the test was successful.

You can now share the "Landing Page URL" with you customers.

layout editor page

Customizing the voucher Code Email or Code Page

Code Email

If you choose the code delivery via email you can change the content.

We have set up default code email but if you want to change the text or HTML just click "Edit" in the action panel.

edit code mail

Code Page

If you choose to show the code directly in the browser you can edit these pages.

We have set up default pages for the three main use cases:

  • Sending of a code
  • No more codes due to limit or empty list
  • Configuration is deactivated

edit page page


Creating a new Amazon landing page is very easy and only takes a few steps setting up a VoucherJet Configuration. Once you active the Configuration you are ready to distribute codes to you customers.
If you have any further questions you can email us at

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