How to Distribute Unique Coupon Codes Using a Simple Link?


Before you start there are some things you need:

  • A VoucherJet Account that will create a unique distribution link
  • The list of unique voucher you want to distribute


In this document we will show you how to distribute unique coupon using a simple link.
The link can be shared with your customers, in emails or social media.
Once the customer clicks on the link the coupon code will be shown directly in the browser window.

To get the integration running the following steps are necessary:

  1. Create a new Configuration.
  2. Upload your voucher codes into the Code List.
  3. Create a "Redeem Link" Trigger.
  4. Testing and customizing the voucher Code Page that displays the code.

Create a new Configuration

Navigate to the "Configurations" page and click on the "Create Configuration" button on the to right hand side of the screen.

Select the "Voucher Link" configuration template and enter a name your would like to use. This name will be only used as a description in your account and is not visible to the customer.

create configuration

Upload your voucher codes into the Code List

The Code List is the source of the unique codes for the Configuration.

To upload new codes or edit the list click on "Code Upload" in the "Code List" section. Scroll to the bottom of the window down to the big text input field. Use this text field to paste your codes and upload them into the list. You can also upload a text file containing the codes.

Please only add one code per line and a max. of 500 codes per upload.

create configuration

Create a Voucher Link to share

Basic Link

The sharable URL can be found in the configuration and be used in <a> tag.
Copy this URL into an email, website or social media post. If your customer opens the link he or she will be redirected to a page containing a personal voucher code.

create configuration

Store Customer Data

If you want to store the name and email of the customer redeeming the code you can add these details as id and name parameter.

Depending on the email or chatbot service you are using the name and email are available as placeholder or merge fields*|EMAIL|*&name=*|FNAME|*

These information will be stored and associated with the distributed code.

Customizing the Code Page

The page displaying the coupon code can be edited.

We have set up default pages for the three main use cases:

edit page page


Creating a new Amazon landing page is very easy and only takes a few steps setting up a VoucherJet Configuration. Once you active the Configuration you are ready to distribute codes to you customers.
If you have any further questions you can email us at

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