How to Deliver Unique Coupon Codes Using Chatfuel?


Before you start there are some checkboxes for you to tick:

  • A Chatfuel Account to connect with your Customer
  • A VoucherJet Account that will be connected with Chatfuel
  • The list of unique voucher codes to be send out


In this document we will show you how to distribute unique coupon codes with Chatfuel.

To get the integration running the following steps are necessary:

  1. Create a new Configuration.
  2. Upload your voucher codes into the Code List.
  3. Connect a Chatfuel JSON API element with the VoucherJet Trigger.
  4. Testing and customizing the response

Create a new Configuration

Navigate to the "Configurations" page and click on the "Create Configuration" button on the to right hand side of the screen.

Select the "Chatfuel" configuration template and enter a name your would like to use. This name will be only used as a description in your account and is not visible to the customer.

create configuration

Upload your voucher codes into the Code List

The Code List is the source of the unique codes for the Configuration.

To upload new codes or edit the list click on "Code Upload" in the "Code List" section. Scroll to the bottom of the window down to the big text input field. Use this text field to paste your codes and upload them into the list. You can also upload a text file containing the codes.

Please only add one code per line and a max. of 500 codes per upload.

create configuration

Connect Chatfuel and VoucherJet

Before connecting with Chatfuel you should activate the Configuration by clicking "Activate" at the top of the configuration edit page.

Chatfuel uses the JSON API element/plugin to add external content (i.e. a voucher code) into your Chatfuel Blocks by calling an external URL. In VoucherJet we call this URL a Trigger because it triggers the code distribution (Action) and sends a reply back to Chatfuel.

In this example we will create a new "Block" to send out the code.
Now login to your Chatfuel account and create a new Block by clicking on the "+" and give it a new name.

manychat dynamic content

Let's fill in the elements of the chat.
You can start the chat with a simple "Text" message explaining your deal.
Next add a "Typing" element acting as a loading indicator for the code generation.
The third element should be the "JSON API" which will print out the coupon code provided by the VoucherJet trigger.

manychat dynamic content

You will now need the "Callback URL" from your VoucherJet Trigger.

create configuration

Copy the "Callback URL" into the "URL" field of the "JSON API" element. The type must be set to "POST".

chatfuel json api edit request

To make sure that all data necessary is send to VoucherJet the "Full JSON Profile" must be included in the body:

     "messenger user id": "{{messenger user id}}",
     "first name": "{{first name}}",
     "last name": "{{last name}}",
     "gender": "{{gender}}",
     "profile pic url": "{{profile pic url}}",
     "timezone": "{{timezone}}",
     "locale": "{{locale}}",
     "source": "{{source}}",
     "last seen": "{{last seen}}",
     "signed up": "{{signed up}}",
     "sessions": {{sessions}},
     "last visited block name": "{{last visited block name}}",
     "last visited block id": "{{last visited block id}}",
     "last clicked button name": "{{last clicked button name}}"

Nice! You have now linked Chatfuel with VoucherJet.

Testing and customizing the response

To test the connection click "Test the Request" located at the bottom right of the "JSON API" element. You should see a successful JSON response ("200 OK") previewing the code message if configured correctly. Any error messages will be shown as the result.

Then use the "Test Your Bot" feature of Chatfuel to preview the message. This will send the message to you on Messenger.

We have set up default messages for the three main use cases:

If you want to change the text of these responses just click "Edit" in the action panel.

manychat response


Connecting Chatfuel with VoucherJet is very easy and only takes a few steps using the JSON API and a VoucherJet Configuration.
If you have any further questions you can email us at

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